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Monday, 7 June 2010

Shogun 2 Total War Announced by Sega but no Game Footage yet

Under the aegis of "Don the Armour of a Warlord in 2011" Sega has announced Shogun 2 Total War. Shogun was the first incarnation of the hugely successful Total War franchise. I loved the original game when it came out - it was just what strategy fans had been crying out for - a strategy level game that also allowed you to fight battles at a tactical level. There have been many imitators since Shogun first came out, but I think no-one has got close to creating anything better in the last ten years.
The launch video is at, but there's only movie-style footage, no in-game action.
There's also a video showing Japanese calligraphy -
At the moment there's not much more on the website, but the announcement email tells us that it features:
  • The perfection of the series with a new Artificial Intelligence (AI), revolutionary multiplayer modes, brand new campaign map options and epic 3D real-time battles.
  • New Generation AI system developed according to Sun Tzu’s principles in the Art of War
  • Set during the golden age of Samurai warfare, Shogun 2 brings to life the most turbulent period of Japanese history.
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