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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Now Playing as Russia: Long Campaign

I have decided on a strategy of fortifying my southern provinces against attack from Georgia and Dagestan. While in the North I agreed to the swap deal with Sweden - at least this prevents war in the short-term and gives me some extra income from trade. But I also now need to fortify and garrison Livonia.

My strategy is to protect my provinces from early incursion and build up two armies to attack the Crimea - I want a 2:1 advantage. I will probably have a smaller cavalry force for raiding and leading the Cossack armies away from my main forces.

Regarding the Economy I will go for some quick wins - such as mines, factories, mills etc to increase income in the short term, and then build up the rural economy to promote growth.

Regarding research the plan is to get some basic military technologies - 12lb cannon, square and then go for Enlightenment stuff to increase my research rate, build a college and then look at economic technologies to build up this area further. Hopefully by then I will have 2 or more schools and colleges going.

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