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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Battle Crash

Year: Summer 1708

I was hoping to have played for about an hour last night, but this was curtailed by two crashes while a battle was about to load. The Iroquois had decided to attack one of the forts that I had recently built in New France to protect my resources. I was looking forward to a fairly close fight - we both had three units, although mine were suffering from attrition so the Iroquois had more numbers. But I had the advantage of the fort - so should have been a close fight. The loading screen went white and then Empire decided it needed to close. So I went back in, the campaign had saved at the end of the previous year so I hadn't lost anything except the time spent watching other players moves.

I was tempted though to make a few garrison adjustments in New France to see if it would change the Iroquois attack decision. I moved an extra unit of militia into my fort. Well the Iroquois decided to attack another fort instead that only had three units. And the same thing happened - a white screen crash in the battle loading sequence. I hope this isn't going to keep happening!

Anyone else had this problem?

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