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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Defeat for Spain in Flanders

Year: 1717

I seem to be doing well, but badly. My subjects keep threatening to revolt, but my popularity is going up and down like a yo-yo - up when I defeated an invading force from the United Provinces - completely whipped them, and then down again - I guess because of my oppressive taxation policy. Income has risen as - I think because I lost some troops and also started raiding Spain's trade routes - I forgot previously that this could bring income in as well as hurt your enemies - I should try to do a bit more of this.

I would like to sort of push my subjects a bit further to see if they come out in open revolt - just to see what happens. Presumably there is a French Revolution style event that happens and changes the regime - and the flags and uniforms maybe?

On the war front perhaps I should invade Spain - they seem to be preoccupied in North Africa, with the peninsula looking relatively unguarded. My forays into Northern Spain have been met by relatively small enemy forces so far.

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