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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Montreal Falls and Austria declares War!

Year: Summer 1707

What a nightmare - the Iroquois just won't give up and took Montreal fairly easily - I really need to bolster my forces there.

And then Louis XIV dies and Austria disputes the succession. Interestingly enough they apparently brought in their allies, which included Great Britain - a problem because they could really mess up my trade routes, and Wurtemburg and Bavaria - not as threatening, but they are on my borders so could get messy.

But so far these allies are still at Peace and Austria hasn't done much. They are sending a raggedy mob of 3 units of irregulars through Bavaria towards my borders though - not much of a threat I hope?

On a more positive note I now have three schools/colleges and am rapidly researching mostly military technologies - the plan being to be able to defeat the natives in North America more easily through more advanced tech.

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