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Friday, 17 July 2009

I Sold Quebec and Got Jamaica

Year: 2009

I chose autoresolve to make sure I got through the Iroquois attack without crashing! I haven't faced another battle that I wanted to play through yet, so not sure if the crash will happen again!

Even though the income from Jamaica is lower. I decided that this was the right thing to do. Now that Louisiana is gone and a war of expansion in North America is looking difficult in the face of persistent Native American opposition, I decided that this option would be less sapping on my resources. I was definitely spending more on maintaining large forces in Quebec and a lot on trying to develop local military facilities, forts etc. And mostly in vain - the Iroquois are tough opponents.

With Jamaica, given my experience with Great Britain, I get a colony that requires a relatively small garrison and can be developed with plantations to generate some good income.

I can concentrate now on sorting out my Caribbean colonies by supporting them with adequate naval forces to clear the area of pirates and protect important trade routes.

I will maintain Acadia and Newfoundland as long as these aren't overly threatened by invaders - they are OK, but I don't think will ever generate a lot of revenue.

What are my war aims - probably at the moment not the same as those objectives demanded by the Short Campaign. Instead I want to build wealth and develop technology quickly so I am in then a good position to become a dominant power and take the necessary provinces.

However, income and reputation are not looking good at the moment. I am wondering if a quick European war to get another province and increase reputation might be a good idea. I am still at war with Wurtemburg - perhaps another go at them would be a good idea?

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