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Friday, 24 July 2009

Revolution Baby!

Year: 1718

A couple of battles with the United Provinces and then rebels in Flanders beat me up and kicked me out. Ok not so bad, just need to recover the place.

However, next turn my King dies and the new Queen Victoire I can't hold things together and Revolution breaks out. I plump for the sans-culottes, but foolishly I had just built some large and impressive forces up in Paris the turn before - my Drill School having just been constructed. This meant the government forces were much too strong. I still managed to fight a good battle in charge of the Revolutionary army though and nearly won a close fought affair, but it wasn't to be.

Of course my faction had now died off, so this meant I could continue the campaign but only from the turn before back with the ancien regime. This time I decided not to build the government forces. Will see what happens next - will Revolution still happen? Can the people rise up and defeat their oppressors?

Will the new revolutionary army get rid of their white uniforms eventually?

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